Black Label Society

Black Label Society is a heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. In the early 1990s, Zakk Wylde had formed his own solo band Pride & Glory, playing a mixture of bluesy southern rock with heavy metal. However, after one album, they disbanded in December 1994. He subsequently recorded an acoustic solo album, “Book of Shadows” in 1996. In May 1998, after limited commercial success, Wylde and drummer Phil Ondich recorded what became Black Label Society’s debut album “Sonic Brew”. It was decided, rather than the album being another solo album for Wylde, that they would form a long-lasting band.

The band’s name was originally supposed to be “Hell’s Kitchen,” but they were unable to secure the trademark, and the name Black Label Society was chosen, due to Zakk’s fondness of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch whisky. The artwork inside of Sonic Brew’s CD booklet is laid out like a kitchen menu, and any instance of the word “kitchen” was changed to Society. The band released a compilation album, entitled “Skullage” in April 21, 2009. The compilation was a CD/DVD set, including a best-of CD, and a DVD of live performances and music videos.

Other Information

  • Origin: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Genres: Heavy metal, Southern metal, Sludge metal
  • Years active: 1998–present
  • Labels: Spitfire Records, Artemis Records, Roadrunner Records
  • Associated acts: Ozzy Osbourne, Pride & Glory
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Zakk Wylde – vocals, guitars, piano
  2. Nick Catanese – guitar
  3. John DeServio – bass
  4. Craig Nunenmacher – drums


  • Sonic Brew (1999)
  • Stronger Than Death (2000)
  • Alcohol Fueled Brewtality (2001) – Live albums
  • 1919 Eternal (2002)
  • The Blessed Hellride (2003)
  • Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-Boned (2003) – DVD
  • Hangover Music Vol. VI (2004)
  • Mafia (2005)
  • Kings of Damnation 98-04 (2005) – Compilation
  • Shot to Hell (2006)
  • The European Invasion – Doom Troopin’ Live (2006) – DVD
  • Tour Edition (2008) – DVD
  • Skullage (2009) – Compilation/DVD


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