Memorain is a speed/thrash metal band from Greece, formed in 1999. After a few line up changes in 2001, the band recorded their first demo CD titled "Until You Die". Drawing influence mainly from the American heavy/thrash scene, the band contributed a song for the "Voices Of Death Part 5" compilation album and a few months later they paid tribute to one of their favorite bands, Megadeth, recording a cover version of the song "Disconnect" for the album "Droogie – A Megadeth Tribute".

In 2002, the band signed a two-record deal with local label NMC Music and their first album "Digital Crimes" was released a couple of months later. In 2003, they released their second album "White Line", featuring the legendary guitarist James Murphy (Testament, Obituary, Death, etc). In September 2003, they composed the music theme for Greece’s premier metal TV show, "TV War", a TV show supported by the Greek Metal Hammer Magazine. In 2005, they signed an exclusive contract with EMI Greece and two months later the band started recording their new album "Reduced To Ashes" with Nick Menza (ex-Megadeth) on drums and Jeff Waters (Annihilator), as a special guest. Recorded partially in Los Angeles-California, it was released by EMI Greece in April 17, 2006.

Other Information

  • Origin: Athens, Greece
  • Genres: Speed metal, Thrash metal
  • Years active: 1999–present
  • Associated acts: Megadeath
  • Labels: NMC Records, EMI Music Greece
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Ilias Papadakis – gocals, guitars
  2. Alex Doutsis – guitars
  3. Kostas Bagiatis – bass
  4. Nick Menza – drums


  • Until You Die (2001) – Demo
  • Digital Crimes (2002)
  • White Line (2003)
  • Reduced To Ashes (2006)


Memorain, NMC Records, EMI Music, Greece, Speed metal, Thrash metal, Megadeath

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