“Machines of Grind/Terrorizer Tour-Ture” 2010 Euro Tour with The Red Chord, Aborted and Rotten Sound

The Red Chord, Aborted and Rotten Sound will do a 3 way co-headline 2010 Euro Tour “Machines of Grind”, kicking off April 16 in Denmark, the tour will wind down May 8 in Belgium. The Tour is presented by Rock Hard, Legacy, Fuze, Metal News, Allschools Network. etc. Those Who Lie Beneath will join and be an opening act on the tour.

The bands will also co-headline “Terrorizer Tour-Ture” through the United Kingdom April 18th through 22nd as the ‘Terrorizer Tour-ture’ as presented by Terrorizer Magazine in partnership with Avocado Booking. The three bands will again be support by Oregon death squad Those Who Lie Beneath.

Deputy Editor, James Hoare, explains why you should come out and support these grind heroes:

“Hurtling out of the gated community of sludgy goregrind to drop the jaws of metallers across the spectrum, Aborted are absolute titans of energetic, modern death metal. Having shed more members than a leper orgy over the last few years, the new line-up promise to return the band to their scapal-sharp surgical roots.”

“Metalcore survivors or deathcore before there was deathcore? Progressively-minded genre-benders The Red Chord have carved a fearsome path and fearsome reputation all of their over four albums, each a subtle departure from the last in the high intensity collision of hardcore, death metal, grindcore and bludgeon.”

Rotten Sound, proud heirs to the zero-tolerance Scandinavian hyperblast of Nasum, have built upon a fearsomely high standard, crafting reckless, adrenaline-fuelled assaults of contemporary grindcore that has seen them snapped up by Relapse, gain kudos from the metal overground and set the course for bigger and brighter things.”

Machines of Grind Tour dates:

  • 16.04.10 Denmark Copenhagen @ Pumpehuset
  • 17.04.10 Germany Essen @ Turock
  • 23.04.10 France Evreux @ Abordage
  • 24.04.10 France Nantes @ Le Ferrailleur
  • 25.04.10 Spain Durango @ Plateruena
  • 26.04.10 Spain Madrid @ Ritmo & Compas
  • 27.04.10 Spain Barcelona @ Apolo 2
  • 28.04.10 France Luynes / Marseille @ Le Korigan
  • 29.04.10 Day Off
  • 30.04.10 Holland Tilburg @ Neurotic Death Fest
  • 01.05.10 Germany Leisnig @ Revolution Fest Open Air
  • 02.05.10 Czech Rep Brno @ Faval
  • 03.05.10 Germany München @ Feierwerk
  • 04.05.10 Austria Vienna @ Arena
  • 05.05.10 Slovenia Ljubljana @ Gala Hala
  • 06.05.10 Italy Lonato Del Garda (Brescia) @ Olden Live Club
  • 07.05.10 Switzerland Zizers @ Eventstage
  • 08.05.10 Belgium Durbuy @ Durbuy Rock Fest

Terrorizer Tour-Ture Tour dates:

  • 18.04.10 United Kingdom London @ Underworld
  • 19.04.10 United Kingdom Birmingham @ O2 Academy 3
  • 20.04.10 United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne @ O2 Academy 2
  • 21.04.10 United Kingdom Leeds @ Rios
  • 22.04.10 United Kingdom Plymouth @ White Rabbit

Buy Tickets here! (the bands will rotate every night)

Source: SMNnews.com

the bands will rotate every night

~ by molco on January 29, 2010.

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