Arsis is an American death metal band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, formed in 2000. Although remaining as heavy as traditional death metal bands, they also possess complex riffs and solos that are similar to those found in both melodic and technical death metal. The band is currently signed to Nuclear Blast. “Arsis” is also a musical term used to refer to the upbeat or unaccented part of a measure.

The band’s main composer, singer/songwriter James Malone, wrote and performed all the guitar, vocals, and bass work on every early studio album. His main influences include King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Racer X, Iron Maiden, At the Gates, Morbid Angel, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir and Dissection. Mike Van Dyne, the only other original member (and who performed drums on the band’s first 4 releases) left Arsis in early 2007 to complete his degree in the medical field. Later that year he also joined the New York hardcore band Crimson Mask. The band signed to Nuclear Blast around the same time and added Noah Martin, who performed bass on the United in Regret record, Ryan Knight, and Darren Cesca to their lineup. In July, 2009, it was announced that work was ongoing for their next record Starve for the Devil. In September, recording sessions began with Nathaniel Carter performing bass and production being handled again by Chris “Zeuss” Harris. The record is slated for release on February 9, 2010.

Other Information

  • Origin: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
  • Genres: Melodic death metal, Thrash metal, Technical death metal
  • Years active: 2003-present
  • Labels: Willowtip Records, Earache Records, Candlelight Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Negative Existence
  • Associated acts: The Black Dahlia Murder, Malevolent Creation, Crimson Mask, Battlemaster, Monstrosity, Daath
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. James Malone – guitars, vocals
  2. Nick Cordle – guitars
  3. Nathaniel Carter – bass
  4. Mike Van Dyne – drums



  • Demo 2002 (2002)
  • A Celebration of Guilt (2004)
  • A Diamond for Disease (2005) – EP
  • United in Regret (2006)
  • As Regret Becomes Guilt (2007) – Compilation
  • We Are the Nightmare (2008)
  • Starve for the Devil (2010)



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