Decadence is a Melodic thrash metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, formed in November 2003. They can be seen as one of the representatives of the new generation of Thrash Metal. Like classic Thrash, They plays with intensity and speed but are adding melodic art and technicality to their genre that they call, Melodic thrash metal. The band riffs have a Thrash Metal basis but have added a melodic touch to them as well as extreme, aggressive female vocals instead of what would be heard on clean vocal based Thrash sounds. The keyboards are replaced by harmony lines made by guitar. Their music is recommended to people who appreciate bands like Death, Kreator, Testament, Metallica and the like.

In 2008, Earache Records showed interest in them and used the track “Corrosion” from “3rd Stage of Decay” on their 2008 “best of new school Thrash Metal” compilation “Thrashing Like A Maniac” and shortly thereafter Decadence gave a future license to Massacre Records for worldwide distribution of “3rd Stage of Decay” (3rd edition of the album) and more albums to come.

Other Information

  • Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Genres: Melodic thrash metal, Thrash metal
  • Years active: 2003–present
  • Labels: Spiritual Beast Records, HTI Records, Massacre Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Kitty “Metallic Kitty” Saric – vocals
  2. Kenneth Lantz – guitar
  3. Joakim Antman – bass
  4. Erik Röjås – drums



  • Land Of Despair (2004) – Demo
  • Decadence (2005)
  • The Creature (2005)
  • 3rd Stage of Decay (2006)
  • Chargepoint (2009)


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