Falchion is a Finnish heavy metal band formed in 2002. Their music is often called pagan/viking metal, but the band itself calls their music heavy metal. They started to record their first demo cd “Glory of the Sword” in June 2003 with Juha Kallas at LYK school studio, Lahti. It wasn’t finished until November 2003. The band signed one album contract with Japanese label World Chaos Production in December 2003. The recording of their debut album “Legacy of Heathens” started in June 2004 at Studio Watercastle, Jyväskylä with Arttu Sarvanne. The recordings lasted 9 days and Arttu Sarvanne had professional touch in the studio. He mixed album in 8 days. “Legacy of Heathens” was mastered in October by Timo Lehtimäki in Studio 57, Alaveteli.

Their debut album, Legacy of Heathens, was released in 2005. The vocalist and lead guitarist Juho Kauppinen and drummer Matti Johansson perform with the Finnish folk metal group Korpiklaani, as the accordion player and drummer, respectively. In 2008, they released their 2nd album entitled “Chronicles of the Dead”.

Other Information

  • Origin: Lahti, Finland
  • Genres: Melodic death metal, Folk metal
  • Years active: 2002-present
  • Labels: Massacre Records, World Chaos Production
  • Associated acts: Korpiklaani
  • Website: http://www.falchionband.com
  • Members:
  1. Juho Kauppinen – vocals, guitar
  2. Toni Tieaho – guitar
  3. Janne Kielinen – bass
  4. Matti Johansson – drums



  • Glory of the Sword (2003) – Demo
  • Legacy of Heathens (2005)
  • Chronicles of the Dead (2008)


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