Made of Hate

made_of_hateMade of Hate is a one of the best known polish metal bands. Originally they come from Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. They transformed from the band called Archeon. This band has been a huge influence for many people over the world and has a big importance for polish heavy metal fans. Their existence as Made of Hate started in 2007 when they recorded Bullet In Your Head album in Zed Studio within 7 days of January. In the late summer 2007 media got information that they had gotten signed with AFM Records. That was a huge step forward for polish band.

In 2008 band released worldwide the album – Bullet In Your Head. After releasing it in February they appeared on long list of printed magazines, zines and radio shows, including all the most popular like Metal Hammer, Hard Rocker and Friday’s Rock Show on BBC by Bruce Dickinson. In the same year, the last mentioned acquaintance led band to play as direct support for Iron Maiden at Gwardia Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. Band played for 30 000 metalheads and got fantastic feedback from audience.

Other Information

  • Origin: Warsaw, Poland
  • Genres: Melodic death metal, Power metal, Speed metal
  • Years active: 2007–present
  • Labels: AFM Records
  • Associated acts: Archeon
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Michal Kostrzynski – guitar, vocals
  2. Radek Polrolniczak – guitar
  3. Jarek Kajszczak – bass
  4. Tomek Grochowski – drums



  • Bullet In Your Head (2008)
  • All For Metal (2008) – Compilation



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