Thirdmoon are a Melodic death metal band from Linz, Austria. Founded by Wolfgang Rothbauer in 1994 it was a few years before their debut “Grotesque Autumnal Weepings” in 1997. Later, in 1998, they would gain French guitarist Matias Larrede. With a new French member, they signed 1999 to napalm records and entered the studio for their second album “Aquis Submersus”, which showed the band from a slower and darker edge with more groove and more variety of vocal and guitar arrangements. After lots of concerts, the third album “Bloodforsaken” was released in 2000, with more aggression and brutality, they was clearly drawn towards melodic death metal. Then they went on tour with Eisregen, which showed a high-energy performance that impressed the audience and press.

In 2001, the band split with Napalm Records and it would be three years before their next release “Sworn Enemy: Heaven”. In 2005 they were on tour with Grave and Disparaged. In April 2007 they signed a new deal with German based Label Maintain Records for their 5th album “Dimorphic Cynosure”, which was released in autumn 2007.

Other Information

  • Origin: Linz, Austria
  • Genres: Melodic death metal, Black metal
  • Years active: 1994–present
  • Labels: Maintain Records, FM-Records, Napalm Records, CCP-Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Wolfgang Rothbauer – vocals, guitar
  2. Dominik Sebastian – guitar
  3. Alex Hinterberger – guitar
  4. Philipp Eckerstorfer – bass
  5. Johannes Jungreithmeier – drums


  • Grotesque Autumnal Weepings (1997)
  • Aquis Submersus (1999)
  • Bloodforsaken (2000)
  • Sworn Enemy: Heaven (2004)
  • Dimorphic Cynosure (2007)



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