primordialPrimordial is a black metal band formed in 1991 in Skerries, Ireland, by Pól MacAmlaigh and Ciarán MacUiliam. The band’s roots stretch back to 1987 when Pól and Ciarán first began playing together with Pól’s brother, Derek. The band (who were called Forsaken for a brief period) initially played a rough, hybrid mix of early, primitive Thrash and Death Metal (playing covers of Death, Sepultura and the like). Upon Nemtheanga’s joining the band, the band started to pursue a darker direction citing influence from Bathory, Celtic Frost and the emerging Greek and Norwegian Black Metal scenes.

The band was the first Black Metal styled band to emerge from Ireland with the release of their Dark Romanticism demo in the early summer of 1993. They have toured with various metal bands in the extreme metal genre, including Norwegian black metal band Immortal. In January 2006 the band played their first US show alongside Thyrfing and Moonsorrow at the Heathen Crusade metalfest in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Their album, To the Nameless Dead, was released on November 16, 2007. They are currently signed with Metal Blade Records.

Other Information

  • Origin: Skerries, Ireland
  • Genres: Black metal, Celtic metal, Folk metal
  • Years active: 1991-present
  • Labels: Cacophonous Records, Metal Blade Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Alan Averill “Nemtheanga” – vocals
  2. Ciáran MacUiliam – guitar
  3. Micheál O’Floinn – guitar
  4. Pól MacAmlaigh – bass
  5. Simon O’Laoghaire – drums


  • Dark Romanticism (1993) – Demo
  • Demo (1994) – Demo
  • Imrama (1995)
  • Primordial / Katatonia Split 10″ (1996) – Split
  • A Journey’s End (1998)
  • The Burning Season (1999) – EP
  • Spirit the Earth Aflame (2000)
  • Storm Before Calm (2002)
  • Dark Romanticism (2004) – Compilation
  • The Gathering Wilderness (2005)
  • Primordial / Mael Mórdha (2006) – Split
  • To the Nameless Dead (2007)



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