Legion of the Damned

legion_of_the_damnedLegion of the Damned is a thrash metal/death metal band from the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2004 following the demise of Occult and the departure of former singer Rachel Heyzer. Lyrically the band tend to focus on horror motifs, dark occult and religious themes and apocalyptic events. They have recorded their albums Malevolent Rapture and Sons of the Jackal in the well known Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen. The band showed to be able to combine furious thrash mayhem with midpaced neckbreaking rhythms, translocating the realm of the eighties into the new millenium.

Since “Malevolent rapture” the band has been destroying the stage on the No Mercy Festivals together with Cannibal Corpse and Kataklysm, and playing festivals such as Rockhard Festival, Summerbreeze, and Wacken Open Air, as well as a minitour in September 2006 with veterans Destruction in the Netherlands. In December/January of 2006/2007 They joined forces with Sodom and Finntroll playing shows in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland showing the audience what they can expect in the future.

Other Information

  • Origin: The Netherlands
  • Genres: Thrash metal, Death metal, Heavy metal
  • Years active: 2004-present
  • Label: Massacre Records
  • Associated acts: Occult
  • Website: http://www.legionofthedamned.net
  • Members:
  1. Maurice Swinkels – vocals
  2. Richard Ebisch – guitars
  3. Harold Gielen – bass
  4. Erik Fleuren – drums


  • Malevolent Rapture (2006)
  • Sons of the Jackal (2007)
  • Feel The Blade (2008)
  • Cult of the Dead (2008)
  • Full of Hate (2009) – Compilations



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