Jungle Rot

jungle_rotJungle Rot is an American death metal band founded in Kenosha in 1994. After their first two demos, the band gets an American independent label by Pure Death Records, where they released their first album in 1996. Next year was the second album released, by Pulverizer Records, which was next year released again by Pavement Records. The EP “Darkness Fortold” was released by the small label S.O.D., which is controlled by the creator of the underground-music magazine “Sounds of Death”. The next two albums were released by Olympic Recordings. Since 2005 the band hasn’t any pact with a label, so the last album “Warzone” was released by themselves and sold over Crash Music, an American market.

In 2008 they headlined a European tour with support from Warmaster, Downswitch and Walking Corpse The band signed with Napalm Records in January 2009 and released What Horrors Await in June 2009. The lyric concept of the band is the war and his concomitants.

Other Information

  • Origin: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
  • Genres: Death metal
  • Years active: 1994-present
  • Labels: Pure Death Records, Pulverizer Records, Pavement Records, Olympic Recordings, Napalm Records
  • Website: http://www.myspace.com/junglerot
  • Members:
  1. Dave Matrise – vocals, guitar
  2. Geoff Bub – guitar
  3. James Genenz – bass
  4. Eric House – drums



  • Rip Off Your Face (1995) – Demo
  • Skin the Living (1995) – Demo
  • Skin The Living (1996)
  • 4-tracks (1997) – Promotion-Demo
  • Slaughter The Weak (1997)
  • Darkness Foretold (1998) – EP
  • Dead and Buried (2001)
  • Fueled By Hate (2004)
  • Live in Germany (2006) – DVD
  • Warzone (2006)
  • What Horrors Await (2009)



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