Totimoshi is an American alternative punk, rock and metal band based in the San Francisco Bay Area formed in 1997. The band’s early music was inspired by bands such as the Melvins and Black Sabbath, although the 2008 album “Milagrosa” borrows more from the band Shellac. “Milagrosa”, a concept album and stylistic departure from the band’s previous albums, is written to the themes of the battle between love and hate, according to the vocalist, Tony Aguilar. The band worked with sound engineer Toshi Kasai (who’s worked with the Melvins) and producer Page Hamilton (who’s worked with Helmet) to record its fifth release, which offers destructively heavy riffs to howling vocals. Their 2006 album “Ladrón” received a 3.5/5 score from Tiny Mix Tapes, and was praised for being “sophisticated” and “patently enjoyable”. It was also praised by eZines such as Deaf Sparrow.

Since 2007, it publishes music under the Volcom Entertainment label. They have supported Helmet’s Winter tour in Europe in Jan/Feb 2009. In February 2010, the trio will be supporting Mastodon in its 2010 European headlining tour.

Other Information

  • Origin: Oakland, California, United States
  • Genres: Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Punk
  • Years active: 1999–present
  • Labels: Volcom Entertainment, Crucial Blast Records, This Dark Reign Recordings
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Antonio “Tony” Aguilar – guitars, vocals
  2. Meg Castellanos – bass, vocals
  3. Chris Fugitt – drums




  • Totimoshi (1999)
  • ¿Mysterioso? (2002)
  • Monoli (2003)
  • Ladrón (2006, re-released in 2007)
  • Milagrosa (2008)



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