impaledImpaled is a currently active death metal / goregrind band from Oakland, California. The bands name is an acronym, standing for: Impaled – Immoral Medical Practitioners And Licentious Evil-Doers. The band was founded by guitarist Sean McGrath in late 1996, who joined with drummer Raul Varela, guitarist Jared Deaver (formerly of Deeds of Flesh and Severed Savior) and bassist Ron Dorn to record their 1997 demo Septic Vomit. Each Member of Impaled is occasionally represented by a nickname as follows:

Dr. Sean “Bloodbath” McGrath – M.D. (Medical Deviant) Dr. Jason Kocol – E.M.T. (Emergency Metal Technician) Dr. Raul Varela – Ph.D. (Doctor of Philandering) Dr. “Monsewer” Ross Sewage – R.N. (Registered Nut). The band has recorded tracks for tribute albums to both Carcass and Impetigo.Several of the band members also play under the name Ghoul and have released three albums to date under this moniker.

Other Information

  • Origin: United States
  • Genres: Death metal, Goregrind
  • Years active: 1996 — Present
  • Labels: Willowtip Records, Century Media Records, Necropolis Records, Death Vomit Records
  • Associated acts: Ghoul
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Sean McGrath – Guitars, Vocals
  2. Jason Kocol – Guitars, Vocals
  3. Ross Sewage – Bass, Vocals
  4. Raul Varela – Drums



  • Septic Vomit (demo, 1997)
  • Split with Cephalic Carnage (EP, Headfucker, 1999)
  • From Here to Colostomy (demo, 1999)
  • Split with Engorged (EP, Discos Al Pacino, 2000)
  • The Dead Shall Dead Remain (LP, Deathvomit, 2000)
  • Choice Cuts (compilation, Deathvomit, 2001)
  • Medical Waste (EP, Deathvomit, 2002)
  • Mondo Medicale (LP, Deathvomit, 2002)
  • Split with Haemorrhage (EP, Razorback, 2003)
  • Death After Life (LP, Century Media, 2005)
  • Digital Autopsy (EP, Vomitcore, 2007)
  • The Last Gasp (LP, Willowtip, 2007)
  • HF.Seveninches.Collection.Vol1 split with Exhumed, Cephalic Carnage and Retaliation (EP, Dracma/Masterpiece/Ugugumo, 2008)


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One Response to “Impaled”

  1. This band is soOoOo great! Better check out the “HF.Seveninches.Collection.Vol1”

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