August Burns Red

august_burns_redAugust Burns Red is an American metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They formed in March 2003 while some of the members were still in high school, and soon began playing shows around Lancaster. The band name is derived from an incident involving their first vocalist, Jon Hershey. The band is mostly known for their heavy breakdowns and odd-meter riffs. They also cite Between the Buried and Me, Misery Signals and Hopesfall as their main influences.

In 2004, the group recorded an EP called Looks Fragile After All. After about year of playing shows and a new vocalist the band was signed to Solid State Records in 2005 and released Thrill Seeker on November 8 of that year. In 2006, drummer Matt Greiner was endorsed by Truth Custom Drums. Their second album, Messengers, was released on June 19, 2007. The band announced on their Spring Headliner Tour with All That Remains that their latest album, called Constellations, was released in July 14, 2009.

Other Information

  • Origin: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Genres: Metalcore, Progressive metal, Christian metal
  • Years active: 2003–present
  • Labels: Solid State Records, CI Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Jake Luhrs – lead vocals
  2. JB Brubaker – guitars
  3. Brent Rambler – guitars
  4. Dustin Davidson – bass, vocals
  5. Matt Greiner – drums



  • Thrill Seeker (2005)
  • Messengers (2007)
  • Constellations (2009)


  • Demo (2003)
  • Looks Fragile After All (2004)
  • Lost Messengers: The Outtakes (2009)


  • This Is Solid State, Volume 6 (2007)
  • X Christmas (2008)
  • Punk Goes Pop 2 (2009)
  • Songs from the Penalty Box, Solid State Vol. 7 (2009)



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