sariolaSariola is a female fronted gothic/black metal band from Germany consisting of an international line-up featuring members from Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Belorus. Founded by E.Konny and Anagnorisis in the year 2005. E.Konny already played black metal-based music with clear, operatic vocals in his former bands Divina Nocturna / Spectra Selene (1997-2004). After a short time, Silenia Tyrvenis, singer of E.Konny’s former project, joined Sariola. The Band started immediately the recording of their first album, entitled “Sphere of Thousand Sunsets”. Due to personal reasons Silenia Tyrvenis left the band. After several line up changes, a new line up crystallized.

Following by live concerts and open air festivals with bands like SITD, Ensiferum, Psyche, Pro-Pain, Gods Army, Hail of Bullets, Sariola offered live performance on the stages of Europe. Sariola’s next album is scheduled for spring 2009.

Other Information

  • Origin: Rhine-Ruhr, Germany
  • Genres: Gothic metal, Black metal, Symphonic metal
  • Years active: 2005–present
  • Labels: Padlo Records, Matrix Factory
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Loreley – vocals
  2. Morgan Le Faye – keyboards
  3. E.Konny – guitar
  4. Anagnorisis – guitar
  5. Ablaz – bass
  6. Morbid – drums


  • Sphere of Thousand Sunsets (2006)
  • Live in Ratingen (2007) – Live, DVD
  • From The Dismal Sariola (2009)


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