ramessesRamesses is a sludge/doom metal band from Dorset, England, featuring ex-members of Electric Wizard. They was formed in February 2003 by Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening (ex-Electric Wizard) with Adam Richardson formerly of Lord of Putrefaction, Spirmyard, and Hexed. They play a form of “crushing blackened doom” with “torrential riffing”, “concussive percussion” and frightening growls composed during “freeform psychedelic jams”. In the intervening years, Ramesses have ripped an incurable wound in the metal scene.

They are currently signed to FETO Records, with whom they released their first album Misanthropic Alchemy. Spanish label Mantricum Records is releasing double LP very limited editions of ‘Misanthropic Alchemy’ and ‘Take the Curse’ in early 2009, only 525 copies of each. Dedicated fans will remember the drubbings that Ramesses visited upon them before, and will revel in ‘Take the Curse‘. The release of the album will be supported by a 16-date European tour, their third, with Unearthly Trance in April 2009.

Other Information

  • Origin: Dorset, England
  • Genres: Doom metal, Sludge metal
  • Years active: 2003-present
  • Label: FETO Records
  • Associated acts: Electric Wizard
  • Website: http://www.myspace.com/ramesses666
  • Members:
  1. Adam Richardson – bass, vocals
  2. Tim Bagshaw – guitar
  3. Mark Greening – drums



  • Misanthropic Alchemy (2007)
  • Take the Curse (2009)


  • Promo 2003 (2003) – Demo
  • Negative Reaction/Ramesses Split (2004) – Split
  • We Will Lead You to Glorious Times (2005) – EP
  • The Tomb (2005) – Demo
  • Unearthly Trance/Ramesses split (2009) – Split
  • Baptism of the Walking Dead (2009) – EP



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