bongzillaBongzilla is a stoner metal band from Madison, Wisconsin. As their name suggests, most of their material is related to marijuana and promotes its legalization. The band formed in 1995, and over the next three years recorded and released a dozen songs on EPs and split singles. In 1998 they signed to Relapse Records, and have since released four studio albums and a live album through the label.

Releasing pounds of material over the course of the last few years, they have raised consciousness in regards to their existence, and have kept their musical fires burning non-stop. Having toured the U.S. multiple times, playing gigs with the likes of Today Is The Day, Unsane, Noothgrush, Logical Nonsense, Dystopia, Grief, Zed, El Dopa, Cattlepress, Ire, Cave-In and the mighty Spazz, Bongzilla love to perform live. The bands live show is not to be missed as crushing heaviness blends perfectly with tortured, intense vocals and tripped-out passages of mellowed, experimental jamming.

Other Information

  • Origin: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • Genres: Stoner metal, Sludge metal
  • Years active: 1995 – Present
  • Labels: Relapse Records, Ritual Records, Barbarian Records
  • Associated acts: Weedeater, Buzzov*en, Sourvein, Droids Attack, Cuda
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Mike “Muleboy” Makela – vocals, guitar
  2. Jeff “Spanky” Schultz – guitar
  3. Dave “Dixie” Collins – bass
  4. Mike “Magma” Henry – drums


  • Mixed Bag (1996) – EP
  • Budgun/THC (1997) – EP
  • Brownie/Gungeon (1998) – EP
  • Witch Weed (1998) – EP
  • Hemp for Victory (1998) – EP
  • Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitudes (1998) – EP
  • Stash (1999)
  • Apogee (2000)
  • Shake: The Singles (2001) – Compilation
  • Gateway (2002)
  • Live from the Relapse Contamination Festival (2004) – Live
  • Amerijuanican (2005)
  • Nuggets (2008)



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