kylesaKylesa is a metal band from Savannah, Georgia whose music is difficult to classify, as it incorporates avant-garde experimentalism with relentlessly sludgy riffs, drop-tuned guitars and elements of psychedelic rock. The group was formed in 2001 by the former members of Damad with the addition of guitar player Laura Pleasants. The band has since undergone a few line up changes and the core remaining original members are Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants. In 2006, the band added two drummers (Carl McGinley of the Savannah band Unpersons and Jeff Porter). Eric Hernandez (of the Miami band Capsule) joined in 2008 to replace Porter and is on the band’s latest record Static Tensions. The dual drum tracks are often panned strongly to the right and left, respectively, and create a complex rhythmic ambience.

Kylesa has a musical variety lacking from many of their more monochromatic peers. Kylesa formed in Savannah in 2001, taking their unusual name from “kilesa mara”, a Buddhist term denoting altered mental states of delusion.

Other Information

  • Origin: Savannah, Georgia, USA
  • Genres: Sludge metal, Avant-garde metal
  • Years active: 2001-present
  • Labels: Prosthetic Records, Havoc Records, Prank Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Corey Barhorst – bass
  2. Phillip Cope – guitar, vocals
  3. Laura Pleasants – guitar, vocals
  4. Eric Hernandez – drums
  5. Carl McGinley – drums


  • Point of Stillness 7″ (2002) – Split
  • Kylesa (2002)
  • Split with Memento Mori (2002) – Split
  • Split with Cream Abdul Babar (2003) – Split
  • No Ending/110 Heat index (2004) – EP
  • To Walk a Middle Course (2005)
  • Time Will Fuse Its Worth (2006)
  • Skeletal (2007) – Split
  • Unknown Awareness (2009) – Split
  • Static Tensions (2009)



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