tiamatTiamat is a heavy metal band that formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988. Their music has been the subject of debate, utilizing subgenres like black metal, progressive, doom/death and gothic, but more recently they have focused on what has been described as “atmospheric” with ethnic, psychedelic and experimental elements. Initially, the band played straightforward black metal under the name Treblinka.

After having recorded the album Sumerian Cry in 1989, vocalist/guitarist Johan Edlund and bassist Jörgen Thullberg parted ways with the other two founding members, and subsequently changed the name to Tiamat. The Sumerian Cry album, as recorded by Treblinka, was released as Tiamat’s debut album in June 1990. The band signed to Nuclear Blast Records in June 2007, and released their new album Amanethes on April 18, 2008. On August 10th, 2008, Thomas Wyreson announced that he was quitting the band, stating that “it’s just kinda hard to make everything work with the family etc.”

Other Information

  • Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Genres: Black metal (early), Death/doom (early), Progressive metal, Gothic metal, Heavy metal
  • Years active: 1988 – present
  • Labels: Century Media, Nuclear Blast
  • Website: http://www.churchoftiamat.com
  • Members:
  1. Johan Edlund – vocals, guitar
  2. Anders Iwers – bass
  3. Lars Sköld – drums



  • Sumerian Cry (1990)
  • The Astral Sleep (1991)
  • Clouds (1992)
  • Wildhoney (1994)
  • A Deeper Kind of Slumber (1997)
  • Skeleton Skeletron (1999)
  • Judas Christ – (2002)
  • Prey (2003)
  • Amanethes (2008)


  • A Winter Shadow (1990) – Demo
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Live in Israel) (1993) – Live
  • Gaia (1994) – EP
  • The Musical History of Tiamat (1995) – Compilation/Live
  • For Her Pleasure (1999) – EP
  • The Church of Tiamat (2006) – DVD
  • Commandments) (2007) – Compilation
  • The Ark of the Covenant (2008) – DVD



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2 Responses to “Tiamat”

  1. ryt! amaZing compiLation! tiamat rules!

  2. Doom/death metal is Tiamat. Gothic rock is not Tiamat. It’s a money business.

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