Circle of Dead Children

circle_of_dead_childrenCircle of Dead Children is a deathgrind band formed on October 31, 1998, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The title of the band was inspired by a member’s vision of a circle of flags from various countries, each with a mutilated child of that nationality. The band generally follows the traditional grindcore and deathgrind format in writing very short songs: six seconds, for instance, for the track “White Trash Headache.” After a self-titled demo, Circle of Dead Children signed on with Willowtip Records to release their first full-length album, Starving the Vultures, which comprised the demo tracks as well as several new ones.

Since then, Circle of Dead Children has been signed to Robodog Records, Necropolis Records, Deathvomit Records, Martyr Music Group, and Displeased Records. They are currently signed with Willowtip once again, having passed on deals from larger labels. Since its debut, the band has undergone numerous lineup changes; only two of the original members, Joe Horvath and Jason Andrews, still remain.

Other Information

  1. Joe Horvath – vocals
  2. Jason Andrews – guitar
  3. Drew Haritan – bass
  4. Matt Francis – drums


  • Circle of Dead Children (1998) – Demo
  • Starving the Vultures (1999)
  • Exotic Sense Decay (2000) – EP
  • The Genocide Machine (2001)
  • Human Harvest (2003)
  • Zero Comfort Margin (2005) – EP
  • Psalm of the Grand Destroyer (2009)



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