asphyxAsphyx is a Dutch Death metal band formed in 1987 by Bob Bagchus and Tonny Brookhuis. Eric Daniels was found as a second guitarist and Chuck Colli joined on vocals and bass; this combo released the Enter the Domain demo. In March 1989 Colli was replaced by Theo Loomans and they recorded the Crush the Cenotaph demo. Brookhuis then left the band; the remaining three recorded Embrace the Death, an album which was never released due to label problems. After Martin van Drunen left Pestilence in the early 1990s, he joined Asphyx and the band signed to Century Media Records. Shortly after the recording of the second album, Last One on Earth, Van Drunen left the band, to be replaced by Ron van der Pol. Eventually Baghus left the band as well and was replaced by Sander van Hoof.

In January 2007, the band re-united with Van Drunen, Gubbels, Paul Baayens and Baghus. They did not intend to record a new album, but focused only on live performances. Still, in January 2008, they recorded a cover of a Celtic Frost song and a new song called “Death… The Brutal Way.” In July 2008, they stated that new material is in the works and that a new album with the same name will be released in 2009 by Century Media.

Other Information

  • Origin: Overijssel, Netherlands
  • Genre: Death metal
  • Years active: 1987–present
  • Associated acts: Hail of Bullets
  • Label: Century Media Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Martin van Drunen – vocals
  2. Wannes Gubbels – bass, vocals
  3. Bob Bagchus – drums
  4. Paul Baayens – guitar


  • Carnage Remains (1988) – Demo
  • Enter the Domain (1989) – Demo
  • Crush the Cenotaph (1990) – Demo
  • The Rack (1991)
  • Crush the Cenotaph ( 1992) – EP
  • Last One on Earth (1992)
  • Asphyx (1994)
  • Embrace the Death (1996)
  • God Cries (Album1996)
  • Feeding on Angels (1998)
  • On the Wings of Inferno (2000)
  • Death…The Brutal Way (2009)


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