Fear Before

fear_beforeFear Before, formerly known as Fear Before the March of Flames, is an experimental metal band that resides in Aurora, Colorado. As stated on their Alternative Press podcast, their name originates from a Colorado newspaper headline of local forest fires titled “The Fear Before The March of Flames.” They released their debut album Odd How People Shake in 2003 with a re-release in January 2004, second album Art Damage in September 2004, third album The Always Open Mouth in September 2006, and fourth album Fear Before in October 2008.

At recent shows, the band has played new songs titled “I’m Fine Today”, “Jabberwocky”, “Treeman”, “Tycho”, “Get Your Life Together”, and “Review Our Lives (Epic)” which is an extended version of “Epic Song”. They announced on September 9, 2008 that they would be dropping “The March of Flames” from their name, and will from now on be known as simply “Fear Before”. As part of the name change, they have a new website, fearbefore.net. Zachary Hutchings left the band to play guitar in I Am the Ocean in early March 2009. The band has decided to continue as a four piece.

Other Information

  • Also known as: Fear Before the March of Flames
  • Origin: Aurora, Colorado, USA
  • Genres: Progressive metal, Experimental metal, Post-hardcore, Mathcore (early)
  • Years active: 2002–present
  • Labels: Equal Vision Records
  • Associated acts: The Glass Ocean, Between the Buried and Me, Orbs, The Clarity Process
  • Website: http://www.fearbefore.net
  • Members:
  1. David Michael Marion – vocals
  2. Adam (Rupert) Fisher – guitars, vocals, keyboards, programming, piano, percussion, lights
  3. Michael Madruga – bass guitar, vocals
  4. Clayton Holyoak (Goose) – drums, percussion


  • Fear Before the March of Flames (2002) – EP
  • Odd How People Shake (2003)
  • Art Damag (2004)
  • Live at the Epicentre (2004) – Live
  • Stop All the Downloading (2005) – EP
  • The Always Open Mouth (2006)
  • A Little Less Teeth (2007) – EP
  • Fear Before (2008)



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