A Life Once Lost

a_life_once_lostA Life Once Lost is a metalcore/groove metal band formed in 1999 in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is currently signed to Ferret Music. They started as a metalcore band before the scene became huge and after their first album, Open Your Mouth for the Speechless, came out on the indie label Robotic Empire. They then signed to Deathwish Records. When A Great Artist came out, they had evolved into a Meshuggah influenced band, still featuring a hardcore bite but with plenty of tempo changes. From there, their influence started to drift more towards metal than hardcore and their 2005 record, Hunter, on Ferret Records, showed a more a metallic sound with influences from bands such as Pantera and Lamb of God.

After a string of releases on Robotic Empire and Deathwish Inc., A Life Once Lost released their successful album, “Hunter” on Ferret Music in 2005. The group supported the release by touring with groups such as Throwdown, Breather Resist, and Dead to Fall. This was followed by their recent 2007 release, “Iron Gag” under Ferret again in 2007, while featuring vocals by Randy Blythe from Lamb of God and Anthony Green from Circa Survive.

Other Information

  • Also known as: ALOL
  • Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Genres: Mathcore, Metalcore, Groove metal (recent)
  • Years active: 1999 – Present
  • Labels: Ferret Music, Deathwish Inc., Robotic Empire
  • Website: http://www.alifeoncelost.com
  • Members:
  1. Robert Meadows – vocals
  2. Robert Carpenter – guitar
  3. Douglas Sabolick – guitar
  4. Justin Graves – drums


  • Open Your Mouth for the Speechless…In Case of Those Appointed to Die (2000) (Re-issued in 2004)
  • The Fourth Plague: Flies (2003)
  • A Great Artist (2003)
  • Hunter (2005) (Re-issued in 2006)
  • Iron Gag (2007)
  • TBA (2009)



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