The Psyke Project

the_psyke_projectThe Psyke Project was formed in 2001 and has its roots in the city of Helsinge, Denmark. Today the bands base is Copenhagen. They plays a very harsh and dark kind of hardcore with influences ranging from Converge, Zao to Neurosis and Norma Jean. The main motivation for playing that type of music, emerges from the bands profound love for the dark and brutal sound of hardcore and the sincerity and honesty in the statements made by many of these bands.

The Psyke Project performed at the Roskilde Festival in 2003 on the camping stage and again in 2007, this time on one of the big stages. The band has gained a large fanbase and following in Denmark, and is considered the premier hardcore band and a spearhead in the scene. The newest album, entitled Apnea, was released in Scandinavia on April 2, 2007 through Cph-Sound/Bonnier Music. On February 20th 2008, they were signed to Lifeforce Records, who will be re-releasing Apnea June 30th to the European audience and on July 8th to the North American audience1. In November the band will be entering the famous Fredman Studios in Gothenburg to record their 4th album.

Other Information

  • Origin: Helsinge, Denmark
  • Genres: Metalcore, Mathcore
  • Years active: 2001 – Present
  • Labels: Cph-Sound, Lifeforce Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Martin Nielskov – vocals
  2. Mikkel Vadstrup – lead guitar
  3. Christian Bonnesen – rhythm guitar
  4. Rasmus Sejersen – drums
  5. Jeppe Skouv – bass


  • Everything’s Fine (2001) – Demo
  • You’re So Beautiful (2002) – Demo
  • Samara (2003) – also EP
  • Daikini (2005)
  • Apnea (2007)
  • Dead Storm (2009)



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