The Axis of Perdition

the_axis_of_perditionThe Axis of Perdition is a British industrial black metal band, from Middlesbrough. They are signed to Code666 Records. The band rose from the ashes of Minethorn and consists of Tetsuo Unit BRJ (a.k.a. Brooke Johnson, vocals, guitars, bass and programming) and Test Subject MGB (a.k.a. Michael Blenkarn, guitars, keyboards and programming). The Axis of Perdition’s output comprises black metal experimentation with industrial music and dark ambient textures. The Axis of Perdition’s debut album stated that “Axis of Perdition plays something there isn’t words for yet (exclusively)”.

Their sound is primarily based on distorted guitars with black metal vocals, programmed drums, and discordant sound effects including screams and static. The black metal aspects of the music are digitally distorted, interspersed with atmospheric soundscapes formed by synthesizers and field recordings. The Axis of Perdition’s tracks tend to feature shifting free-form arrangements that lack a typical verse-chorus structure and tend toward lengthiness (one such track, from Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital, is over twelve minutes long).

Other Information

  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Industrial black metal, Black metal, Industrial metal
  • Years active: 2001-present
  • Labels: Code666, Rage of Achilles
  • Associated acts: Mine(thorn)
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Brooke Johnson – vocals, jazz guitar, ambience
  2. Michael Blenkarn – lead & rhythm guitar, keyboard & piano, programming, ambience
  3. Ian Fenwick – bass guitar
  4. Dan Mullins – live drums & percussion
  5. Leslie Simpson – flotsam



  • Corridors (2002) – Demo
  • The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques) (2003)
  • Physical Illucinations in the Sewer of Xuchilbara (The Red God) (2004) – EP
  • Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital (2005)
  • Urfe (2009)



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