genitorturersThe Genitorturers are an industrial metal/industrial rock band from the United States, with influences extending into the 1990s Hardcore punk and Electronic music. They proclaim themselves to be “The World’s Sexiest Rock Band”. Originating in Orlando, Florida, the band was founded by lead singer Gen while attending pre-med. The Genitorturers made their debut and progressed in the 1990s Florida “Hardcore” music scene with contemporary bands such as Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids that would also become a success in later years.

In 1993, IRS Records owner Miles Copeland sent his assistant Nick Turner to see the band perform. The quality of the performance, as well as their musical style containing fused elements of hardcore punk, metal and industrial electronic led them to a record contract. Soon after that, they would record 120 Days of Genitorture. After recording this album, former Morbid Angel bassist/vocalist David Vincent (Gen’s husband) joined the Genitorturers on bass. He left Morbid Angel after the 1995 album Domination to join his wife’s band.

Other Information

  • Origin: Florida, United States
  • Genre: Industrial metal
  • Years active: 1991–present
  • Label: None Currently
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Gen – Vocals
  2. Bizz – Guitar
  3. Evil “D” (David Vincent) – Bass
  4. Andy Selway – Drums



Official Releases

  • 120 Days of Genitorture (1993)
  • Sin City (1998)
  • Machine Love (2000)
  • Flesh is the Law (2002) – EP
  • Blackheart Revolution (2009)


  • Society of Genitorture (VHS) (1997)
  • The Society of Genitorture (DVD) (2001)
  • Live in Sin (DVD) (2007)


  • The Society of Genitorture (1997) – Movie
  • Raging Hormones (1999) – Movie
  • Bike Week Exposed (2003) – Movie
  • Vampire Clan (2003) – Movie
  • True Crime: Streets of LA (2004) – Video Game
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (2004) – Video Game



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