biomechanicalBiomechanical is progressive industrial/groove metal band from London, UK. Emerging as part of a new wave of British metal music. Their style is unique, fusing energetic progressive technical thrash with elements of film-score orchestration and Pantera-like groove sections. Their influences are ridiculously eclectic, ranging from Metallica to Genesis, Opeth to John Williams and Strapping Young Lad to Queensryche.

In July 2007, drummer Matt C left Biomechanical, for ‘musical differences’. He was then replaced by Jonno Lodge, a young musician from Doncaster. Weeks after the departure of Matt C, Jamie Hunt, Chris Webb and Jon Collins left the band due to conflicts with Mainman/Singer John K. Matt C and Chris Webb have since formed a new band (SOLSIKK) and Jamie Hunt is currently working with Pin (Sikth) and the legendary Thomas Lang in a project called Within The Void. John K. has kept the Biomechanical name.

Other Information

  • Origin: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Genres: Progressive metal, Industrial metal, Groove metal
  • Years active: 2001 – present
  • Label: Earache
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. John K. (Yiannis Koutselinis) – vocals, keyboards
  2. Gus Drax – guitar
  3. Adrian Lambert – bass
  4. Jonno Lodge – drums



  • Distorted(2001) – Demo
  • Eight Moons (2002)
  • The Empires of the Worlds (2005)
  • Cannibalised (2008)



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