The Kovenant

the_kovenantThe Kovenant is a Norwegian band from Halden which has evolved from black metal to an industrial metal sound on more recent albums. The band originally formed as Covenant in 1992, but were forced to change their name to The Kovenant due to a dispute with a Swedish electronic band of the same name. The band was formed as Covenant in 1992 by two black metal artists known as Nagash and Blackheart. They both met when Blackheart decided to help Nagash with his one-man project Troll. No one seemed to pay attention to them after releasing a demo titled From the Storm of Shadows, but finally a record label, Mordgrimm, took notice of them and released their first album

In Times Before the Light in 1997. This album was recorded two years prior in 1995 and established them a fan base in Norway. It sounds similar to Dimmu Borgir’s first opus For All Tid. Indeed, Nagash is a long time friend to the lead vocalist of Dimmu Borgir, Shagrath. In 2007, the band re-released their debut album, entitled In Times Before the Light 1995. The Aria Galactica release date is now (as of January 2009) rumoured to be December 2009.

Other Information

  • Also known as: Covenant
  • Origin: Halden, Norway
  • Genres: Industrial metal (now), Black metal (early)
  • Years active: 1992-present
  • Label: Nuclear Blast
  • Associated acts: Arcturus, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Ram-Zet, Troll
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Stian Arnesen (Nagash/Lex Icon) – vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
  2. Amund Svensson (Blackheart/Psy Coma/Pzy-Clone) – guitar, keyboards
  3. Audun Stengel (Angel) – guitar – Session/Tour members
  4. Küth – Drums – Session/Tour members
  5. Geir Bratland (Brat) – synth – Session/Tour members


  • In Times Before the Light (1997)
  • Nexus Polaris (1998)
  • Animatronic (1999)
  • Wâldrock 2000 (2000) – Bootleg
  • SETI (2003)
  • SETI Club (2003) – EP
  • Fragments of Reality (2006) – Bootleg
  • Aria Galactica (TBA)



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