Carpe Tenebrum

carpe_tenebrumCarpe Tenebrum is a Black/Death metal solo project of the former Dimmu Borgir and Covenant guitarist Jamie Stinson, better known as Astennu. Their debut album Mirrored Hate Painting appeared in 1999. By 2000 Astennu was sacked from Dimmu Borgir and Nagash had left of his own volition to concentrate on the renamed The Kovenant renaming himself Lex Icon. The first two Carpe Tenebrum albums got great reviews and response all over the world. Very little has been heard of the project since the release of the third album, Dreaded Chaotic Reign, in 2002.

This time, for his third outburst, Astennu returned to his Death Metal roots, and the result is a dark, brutal album, that rips everything on it’s path to shreds. Astennu had relocated from Sydney, Australia to Norway following Loed KaoS’ album ‘Thorns Of Impurity’. He was eventually to join Dimmu Borgir for their ‘Spiritual Black Dimensions’ album. Astennu would act as producer for Australian Metalcore band Stronger Than Hate’s debut 2004 album ‘Between Day And Darkness’, joining the band shortly after.

Other Information

  • Origin: Oslo, Norway
  • Genre: Black metal, Gothic metal
  • Years active: 1997–present
  • Labels: Head Not Found, Hammerheart Records
  • Associated acts: Chrome Division, Covenant, Dimmu Borgir, Infernal Method, Lord Kaos, Nocturnal Breed, Troll
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Jamie Stinson (aka Astennu) – guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming, vocals


  • Majestic Nothingness (1997)
  • Mirrored Hate Painting (1999)
  • Dreaded Chaotic Reign (2002)



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