With Blood Comes Cleansing

with_blood_comes_cleansingWith Blood Comes Cleansing are a Christian deathcore band from Albany, Georgia. The band started in February 2005, and after toured, had a few member changes and release a 6-song EP, they signed on with Virginia-based Blood & Ink Records in February 2006. That summer already they released their first full-length album, Golgotha. Since then, the band has been touring, and recently moved to a bigger record label, Victory Records, in February 2007. They released their second album, Horror, in January 2008, through Victory Records.

Christian faith is a common theme in their lyrics. They sing, for instance, about their worship to God (“God, you’re all I have / Take my everything. / I owe it all to you”), about Jesus (“Now we all can be saved the price for sin is now paid”), seeking help from God (“God, I need your help now”), and, using a common black metal theme in the original Christian context, Golgotha: “This is the place of the skull where terror reigned / A crucifixion of agony and pain.” Most of WBCC’s lyrics come from Books of the Bible including Mark, Luke, and Revelation.

Other Information

  • Origin: Albany, Georgia, United States
  • Genres: Deathcore, Metalcore, Christian metal
  • Years active: 2005–Present
  • Labels: Blood & Ink, Victory
  • Associated acts: When Tomorrow Doesn’t Come
  • Website: http://www.withbloodcomescleansing.com
  • Members:
  1. Michael Sasser – Vocals
  2. Jeremy Sims – Guitar
  3. Scott Erickson – Guitar
  4. Pat Hood – Bass
  5. Spence Erickson – Drums



  • The Dern EP (2005) – EP
  • Golgotha (2006)
  • Horror (2008)



~ by molco on May 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “With Blood Comes Cleansing”

  1. The web link does not work! Other then that, great blog. Check out my blog at extrememetalheads.blogspot.com.

  2. This blog is great. I love how you’re showcasing bands, just puttinig them out there and not doing the common reviews thing. I look forward to more!

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