War From a Harlots Mouth

war_from_a_harlots_mouthWar From a Harlots Mouth is a five-piece mathcore band hailing from Berlin, Germany, founded in 2005. The band is noted for a distinct musical style consisting of infusing many different genres into their songs, such as grindcore, math metal, death metal, and jazz. After multiple band members were switched, including their bassist, drummer, and one guitarist,they released their first EP titled “Falling Upstairs” as a tape in June of 2006, featuring vocals from Marcel of Time Has Come. Later on that year, they released a 5″ Split with deathcore act Molotov Solution on 12 Gauge Records.

In 2007, WFAHM joined the War of Attrition Tour, promoting the album of the same name by Dying Fetus, accompnying bands Skinless and Cattle Decapitation, also joining the stage for Never Say DIe! Fest with bands Ion Dissonance, Dead to Fall, and Through The Eyes Of The Dead. Also in 2007, the band joined Lifeforce Records and released their album “Transmetrpolitan” in September. In 2009, the band announced on their myspace the release dates of their upcoming album, In Shoals, to be set for release in April, during WFAHM’s inclusion in the Thrash and Burn European Tour 2009.

Other Information

  1. Nico Webers – vocals
  2. Simon – guitar
  3. Filip – bass
  4. Daniel – guitar
  5. Paul – drums



  • Falling Upstairs (2006) – EP
  • Molotov Solution / War From A Harlots Mouth 5″ (2006) – Split
  • Season 1: The Anti-Doctrine/Closed Casket Funeral/Starring Janet Leigh/War From A Harlots Mouth 10″ (2007) – Split
  • Transmetropolitan (2007)
  • Dead Flesh Fashion / War From A Harlots Mouth (2008) – Split
  • In Shoals (2009)



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