Salt the Wound

salt_the_woundSalt the Wound is an American deathcore band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed in 2001. They released two demos, two EPs and one full-length studio album. Salt the Wound has achieved mainstream success in 2008 through their debut studio album, Carnal Repercussions which has attracted radio airplay as well as touring requests. Collectively, they have sold 75,000 records worldwide.

Salt the Wound inhabits the musical style deathcore, which is a known style to combine metalcore with death metal, Salt the Wound uses the deathcore style, as well as melodic death metal influences in their music. The vocal style is that very much of many low-pitched voice along with screaming vocals also seen in bands such as Job for a Cowboy, Despised Icon and Whitechapel.

Other Information

  • Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Genres: Deathcore, Melodic death metal, Metalcore
  • Years active: 2001 – present
  • Label: Rotten
  • Associated acts: My Virgin Eyes
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Matthew Wesolly – vocals
  2. Vince Stropki – guitar
  3. Jake Scott – guitar
  4. Brian Martinez – bass
  5. Rob Walters – drums



  • It’s Taken Too Long (2004) – EP
  • Bedsprings and Bloodshed (2005) – EP
  • Salt the Wound demo (2007) – Demo
  • Carnal Repercussions (2008)



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