Bring Me the Horizon

bring_me_the_horizonBring Me the Horizon are a British Deathcore/metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, who formed in 2004. They play a style of music that fuses death metal and metalcore, known as deathcore, although they have taken on a more eclectic style with their latest album. They began in 2004 with members of many defunct bands from around their local area. They acquired their name based on a line taken from the film Pirates of the Caribbean, in which Captain Jack Sparrow shouts “Now… Bring me that horizon.” After slightly altering the original line, by simply changing ‘that’ to ‘the’, Bring Me the Horizon then became the official name of the band.

They are currently signed to Visible Noise Records, but were originally signed to Thirty Days of Night Records and were the first band to be signed to that label. The band are also signed to Epitaph Records in the USA and to Shock Records in Australia. They have toured in the past with bands such as Lostprophets, The Blackout; Killswitch Engage and The Haunted. They performed a headlining tour of the UK during March and April 2007 with the now defunct metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen. They played Download Festival 2007 in June also with Iron Maiden, Slayer, and others.

Other Information

  • Origin: Sheffield, England
  • Genres: Deathcore, Metalcore
  • Years active: 2004–present
  • Labels: Visible Noise, Epitaph Records, Earache Thirty Days of Night, Shock Records
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Oliver Sykes – vocals
  2. Lee Malia – lead guitar
  3. Matt Kean – bass guitar
  4. Matt Nicholls – drums
  5. Curtis Ward – guitar (on-leave)



  • Count Your Blessings (2006)
  • Suicide Season (2008)



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2 Responses to “Bring Me the Horizon”

  1. totally wikipedia..

  2. ; )/ Hav u evr wondr y Curtis Ward departd frm d grup? 8 sad 2 say dat d BMTH is a 4 pc nw. hop dey cud follw up a recrd aftr Suicide Season.

    vsit –

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