Arsonists Get All the Girls

arsonists_get_all_the_girlsArsonists Get All the Girls is a five-piece experimental deathcore band from Santa Cruz, California. They include their use of keyboards and synthesizers to make their own sound, best described as “Experimental metal”. The band is currently working on their third album. Arsonists Get All the Girls was formed in 2005. They started off in mid-2005 as a joke band between friends. The band first wanted to develop a sound similar to Horse the Band. They are signed to Century Media Records and have recorded two full length studio albums entitled Hits from the Bow (2006) out on Process Records and The Game of Life (2007) on Century Media Records. They have close ties with fellow bands Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Impending Doom, Despised Icon, Dear Life, Knights of the Abyss, Scryer and Elysia. In November 2007, bassist Patrick Mason died of alcohol poisoning.

They will be touring with Darkest Hour and Bleeding Through, among others, in the Thrash and Burn European Tour 2009 in April and May 2009 in Europe, spanning regions from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and England.

Other Information

  1. Cameron Reed – vocals
  2. Sean Richmond – keyboards
  3. Arthur Alvarez – guitar
  4. Jaeson Bardoni – bass guitar
  5. Derek Yarra – guitar
  6. Garin Rosen – drums



  • Hits from the Bow (2006)
  • The Game of Life (2007)
  • Portals (2009)



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