jig_aiJig-Ai are a goregrind band from the Czech Republic.Formed by (former) members of Negligent Collateral Collapse (NCC) and Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland (DEAG) in 2005, JIG-AI is a Goregrind band from the Czech Republic. Their selftitled debut album was released by Bizarre Leprous Production in 2006, featuring anime/manga-inspired artwork.

Jig-Ai play a rather heavy style of goregrind, mixing old school goregrind genre with various other styles, such as death metal. The most notable characteristic of the band’s music is the frequent use of both blast beat and D-beat drum patterns, heavily pitch-shifted squeals and death growls, and down-tuned guitars and bass. They frequently use ero guro, a style of hentai in which females are featured being mutilated and dismembered, in both their lyrics and imagery. The band’s name actually refers to Jigai, a form of ritual suicide performed by women in Japan.

Other Information

  • Origin: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Genres: Goregrind, Death metal, Grindcore
  • Years active 2004–Present
  • Label: Bizarre Leprous Productions
  • Associated acts: Negligent Collateral Collapse, Flying Brains, Eardelete, Ahumado Granujo, Psychotic Despair
  • Website: http://jigai.kbx.cz/
  • Members:
  1. Mozek – guitars, vocals
  2. Burák – bass, vocals
  3. Štefy – drums


  • Promo 2006 (2006) – Demo
  • Jig-Ai (2006)
  • Katana Orgy (2008)


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