In Flames

in_flamesIn Flames is a Swedish Melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, formed in 1990. The band is considered to be a pioneer and major influence to the melodic death metal music genre. Since the band’s conception in 1990, they have received numerous awards and released nine studio albums and one live DVD. The band has enjoyed increased popularity in recent years, both in its native Sweden and internationally.

In Flames’ musical style is characterized by the constant use of harmonized lead guitar melodies and screaming-style singing along with death growl. In early albums such as The Jester Race, the band would many times employ two harmonized lead guitars playing over a rhythm guitar. However, since the band only has two guitar players, they found it hard to reproduce those songs during live performances and ever since Reroute to Remain they have focused on writing songs with the intention of playing them live. In 2009, the band announced on August 5 that they would be teaming up with Killswitch Engage, Dead by April, Every Time I Die and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster for the UK Edition of the Taste of Chaos 2009 in November.

Other Information

  • Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Genre: Melodic death metal
  • Years active: 1990–present
  • Labels Nuclear Blast, Ferret Music, Wrong Again Recods, Koch Records
  • Associated acts: Dark Tranquillity, Ceremonial Oath, Dimension Zero, Hammerfall, Passenger, Sinergy, All Ends, Diabolique, Sights, Chameleon, Sacrilege GBG
  • Website:
  • Members:
  1. Anders Fridén – vocals
  2. Jesper Strömblad – guitars
  3. Björn Gelotte – guitars
  4. Peter Iwers – bass
  5. Daniel Svensson – drums



  • Lunar Strain (1993)
  • The Jester Race (1996)
  • Whoracle (1997)
  • Colony (1999)
  • Clayman (2000)
  • Reroute to Remain (2002)
  • Soundtrack to Your Escape (2004)
  • Come Clarity (2006)
  • A Sense of Purpose (2008)


  • Demo ’93 (1993)


  • Subterranean (1994)
  • Black Ash Inheritance (1997)
  • Reroute To Remain 4-Track Teaser CD (2002)
  • Trigger (2003)
  • In Flames & More (2006)
  • Come Clarity (2006)
  • The Mirror’s Truth (2008)
  • Nuclear Blast Proudly Presents In Flames (2008)


  • Bullet Ride (2000)


  • The Tokyo Showdown (2001)
  • Used & Abused – In Live We Trust (2005)


  • Trigger (2003)
  • Soundtrack To Your Escape (2004)
  • Live In Korea 2002 (2004)
  • Used & Abused – In Live We Trust (2005)
  • Come Clarity (2006)


  • Live & Plugged (1997)


Live & Plugged     Video/VHS, 1997

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